7 dehydro

Dihydro-l,3-dimethyl-lH-purine-2,6-dione  [c.315]

Dihydro-l,3,7-trimethyl-lH-purine,2,6-dione [58-08-2]  [c.316]

The term aflatoxki is not compound-specific. Different toxic compounds have been designated as B and [1165-39-5], and B2 [7220-81-7] and G2 [7241-98-7] (dihydro derivatives of B and G ), as weU as M [6795-23-9], M2 [6885-57-0], [32215-02-4], GM [23532-00-5], and B3 [23315-33-5].  [c.480]

Dienes can also be used ia Friedel-Crafts cyclo alkylations. For example, treatment of phenol with 2,5-dimethyl-2,4 hexadiene gives 5,5,8,8-tetramethyl,6,7-dihydro-2-naphthol.  [c.555]

Properties 7-Dehydro-cholesterol Ergosterol Vitamin D2 Vitamin  [c.131]

Provitamin D. The molecular extinction coefficient of 7-dehydrocholesterol at 282 nm is 11,300 and is used as a measure of 7-dehydro isomer  [c.133]

Dihydro-7-imino-1-methyl-, cation 7-Amino-l,4-dihydro- 8.33 218 [260] 349 4.24 [3.60] 4.12 6.0  [c.271]

Thiazolo[3,2-a][l,3,5]triazin-2-one, 6,7-dihydro-4-mercapto-  [c.68]

Thiazolo[3,2-a][l,3,5]triazin-2-one, 6,7-dihydro-4-methylthio-  [c.68]

Azepine, 5-bromo- 1-ethoxycarbonyl-X-ray crystallography, 7, 520 1 //-Azepine, 5-cyano-4,5-dihydro-rearrangement, 7, 512 1 //-Azepine, 3-cyclopropyl-2-diethylamino-synthesis, 7, 536 1//-azepine, 2,6-dicyano-ring contractions, 7, 506 1//-Azepine, 2,3-dihydro-synthesis, 7, 42 1 //-Azepine, 2,5-dihydro-valence tautomerism, 7, 506 1 //-Azepine, 2,7-dihydro-rearrangement, 7, 507 1//-Azepine, 4,5-dihydro-  [c.522]

Benzisoxazole, 4,7-dihydro-synthesis, 6, 126  [c.542]

H-Dibenz[c,e]azepine, 5,7-dihydro-N-mesyl-synthesis, 7, 533  [c.599]

H-Dibenz[c,e]azepine, 5,7-dihydro-N-nitroso-synthesis, 7, 512  [c.599]

A steroid very closely related structurally to cholesterol is its 7 dehydro derivative 7 Dehydrocholesterol is formed by enzymatic oxidation of cholesterol and has a conju gated diene unit m its B ring 7 Dehydrocholesterol is present m the tissues of the skin where it is transformed to vitamin D3 by a sunlight induced photochemical reaction  [c.1096]

Pentoxifylline is stmcturaHy related to other methylxanthine derivatives such as caffeine [58-02-2] (1,3,7-trimethylxanthine), theobromine [83-67-0] (3,7-dimethylxanthine), and theophylline [58-55-9] (3,7-dihydro-1,3-dimethyl-1 H-piirine-2,6-dione or 1,3-dimethylxanthine), which also show radioprotective activity in some instances, suggesting that methylxanthines as a dmg class may radioprotect through a common mechanism (see Alkaloids). In a retrospective analysis of cervical and endometrial cancer patients receiving primary or adjuvant XRT, no association between caffeine consumption and incidence of acute radiation effects has been found. However, there was a decreased incidence of severe late radiation injury in cervical cancer patients who consumed higher levels of caffeine at the time of thek XRT (121). The observed lack of correlation between caffeine consumption and acute radiation effects is consistent with laboratory investigations using pentoxifylline.  [c.492]

Chemical syntheses of 25-hydroxy-vitamin were achieved by several groups of researchers (106—112). Many of these syntheses depended on the avadabihty of the precursor 25-oxo-27-norcholesterol. Grignard reaction followed by kitroduction of the 7-dehydro function and kradiation allows 25-hydroxy-vitamin to be isolated (109). Fucosterol (stigmasta-5,24(28)-dien-3 P-ol) as well as bile acids, pregnenolone, and desmosterol have also been used as starting materials for the synthesis of 25-hydroxy kitermediates. 24,25-Dihydroxy-vitamin [40013-87-4] was isolated and chemically characterized ki 1972 (113). The fkst synthesis of this important cataboUte was of a racemic mixture, and it was followed by the stereospecific syntheses of the two epimers (114—123). The biosynthesized material migrates exclusively with the synthetic 24(R) epimer.  [c.135]

Dihydro-l,2-benzisoxazole was prepared by the cycloaddition of benzonitrile N-oxide to 1,4-benzoquinones with subsequent oxidation of the hydroquinone (Scheme 174) (72JAP(K)7242659, 50G140).  [c.119]

The 4,7-dihydro derivative (606) was prepared by the action of azide on (603), the action of hydroxylamine on (604), or the action of lead tetraacetate on (605) (74S30).  [c.126]

IH-Azepine, 1-methoxy carbonyl-cycloaddition reactions, 7, 522 with nitrosobenzene, 7, 520 tricarbonyliron complex acylation, 7, 512-513 conformation, 7, 494 tricarbonylruthenium complex cycloaddition reactions, 7, 520 1 H-Azepine, l-methoxycarbonyl-6,7-dihydro-synthesis, 7, 507  [c.523]

H-Azepine, 2,6,7-tri(methoxycarbonyl)-ring inversion, 7, 499 Azepine-1-carboxylic acid tricarbonylruthenium complexes, 7, 523 1 H-Azepine-2,3-dicarboxylic acid, 4,7-dihydro-6-phenyl-diethyl ester synthesis, 7, 539-540 1 H-Azepine-3,6-dicarboxylic acid  [c.523]

H-Azepinium perchlorate, 6,7-dihydro-formation, 7, 512 Azepinoindoles synthesis, 7, 537 Azepin-2-one, hexahydro-chlorination, 7, 517 synthesis, 7, 530 Azepin-2-one, 3-hydroxy-methylation, 7, 518  [c.524]

Benzo[c]furan, 1-cyan 0-3-phenyl-synthesis, 4, 683 Benzo[c]furan, 1,3-diatyl-cycloaddition reactions, 4, 635 reduction, 4, 614 synthesis, 4, 701 Benzo[c]furan, 1,3-di-t-butyl-synthesis, 4, 703 Benzo[c]furan, 1,3-dihydro-NMR, 4, 572-574, structure, 4, 549 synthesis, 4, 683 Benzo[c]furan, 4,7-dihydro-synthesis, 4, 682  [c.547]

Benzo[b]furan-4(5H)-one, 6,7-dihydro-synthesis, 4, 710 Benzofuranones H NMR, 4, 579 Benzo[b]furanones from 3-hydroxyflavanone, 3, 729 Benzo[b]furan-2(3H)-ones — see 2-Coumaranones Benzo[b]furan-3(2H)-ones IR spectra, 4, 590 reactions, 4, 650 Benzo[ c]furan-1 (3 W) -ones carbanions, 4, 579 H NMR, 4, 579 reactions with arynes, 1, 415 structure, 4, 552  [c.548]

H-Dibenz[c,e]azepine, N-alkyl-6,7-dihydro-oxidation, 7, 511 6H-Dibenz[c,e]azepine, dihydroconformation, 7, 499  [c.599]

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