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The manufacture and shipping of acetylene cylinders ia the United States are ia compliance with the specifications and regulations of the Department of Transportation (96). The specifications are verified by the Bureau of Explosives of the American Association of Railroads. DOT-8 and DOT-8AL specify the requirements for manufacture and testing of steel shell, porous mass, and quantity of acetone (therefore, acetylene) which may be charged. These requlations specify such things as the chemical analysis and physical properties of the shell material, certain critical fabrication limits, heat treatment and the tests which must be conducted on each cylinder, as well as destmctive sampling tests. To be a legal article of commerce, each cylinder must bear the following markings DOT Specification (for 8AL), serial number, registered symbol, inspector symbol, date of manufacture, and tare weight. The cylinder must be registered with the Bureau of Explosives through a manufacturing report which also includes the test results for that group of cylinders.  [c.378]

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