Jackson, Colo,

Turbidity. Turbidity in natural water is caused by the presence of suspended matter which scatters light. The suspended material is usually clay or sdt, finely divided organic and inorganic material, or microorganisms. It is measured either visually or by a nephelometric method. The former is based on the light path through a sample that just causes the image of the flame of a standard candle to disappear. Longer light paths are indicative of lower turbidities. Suspensions of clay are used as standards and results are reported in Jackson turbidity units (fTU). The lowest turbidity value that can be measured using this method is 25 JTU.  [c.230]

W. Cole, Phi/. Tram. 15, 1278 (1685) H. Munro Fox and G. Vevers, The Nature of Animal Colours, Sidgwick and Jackson Ltd., London, 1960, p. 61.  [c.408]

These equations have generally given good agreement with experimental results for low-viscosity liquids (<0.005 Pa s) (< 5 cp) whereas Jackson (ibid.) found film thicknesses for higher-viscosity hquids (0.01 to 0.02 Pa s (10 to 20 cp) were significantly less than predicted by Eq. (6-197). At Reynolds numbers of 25 or greater, surface waves will be present on the liquid film. West and Cole (Chem. E/ig. Sci., 22, 1388-1389 [1967]) found that the surface velocity u x = 8) is still within 7 percent of that given by Eq. (6-201) even in wavy flow.  [c.669]

D. J. Jackson, B. W. Davis. J Coll Interface Sci 47 499-514, 1974.  [c.287]

The Provesteen process, developed by Phillips Petroleum Company, employs a proprietary 25,000-L continuous fermentor for producing Hansenu/a jejunii the sporulating form of C. utilis from glucose or sucrose at high cell concentrations up to 150 g/L. The fermentor is designed to provide optimum oxygen and heat transfer (69,70).  [c.466]

B. K. Schmid and D. M. Jackson, "The SRC-11 Process," paper presented at Third Annual International Conference on Coal Gasification and Eiquefaction. University of Pittsburgh, Aug. 3—5, 1976 D. M. Jackson and B. K. Schmid, "Production of Distillate Fuels by SRC-11," paper presented at ACS Div. of Ind. and Eng. Chem. Symposium, Colorado Spriags, Col., Feb. 12,1979.  [c.99]

Eicosanoid Blocking Agents. A number of studies have documented the radioprotective effects of eicosanoid blocking agents such as the NSAIDs (215). Prophylactic adininistration of INDO, an inhibitor of PG synthesis, delays or reduces radiation mucositis owing to head and neck and thoracic XRT and experimental radiation esophagitis (232,233). Whereas INDO radiosensitizes murine soHd tumors that have a high level of eicosanoid production, apparentiy by stimulating antitumor immune reactions, it has Httie effect on tumors having low eicosanoid production (233). In contrast, pretreatment of mice using INDO has no effect on the radiosensitivity of hair folHcles, jejunum, and soft tissues of the extremities, whereas it protects hemopoietic tissue in both the LD q q endogenous CFU-S assays and lung (233). It also protects against carcinogenesis (233). Protection of hemopoietic tissue is not a result of an effect of INDO on the radiosensitivity of, or on the number of, BM stem cells, although the number of stem cells in the spleen is increased. Rather, removal of immunosuppressive PGs by INDO may augment immune functions and release IL-1 and other cytokines that can stimulate the proliferation of hemopoietic stem cells in the spleen. Enhanced hemopoietic recovery is also reported in mice given INDO after irradiation (234). INDO decreases indexes of early radiation effects on pulmonary endothehal cell function in vivo 7—8 h after exposure of rabbits to 30 Gy (3000 rad) to the chest (235).  [c.498]

D. B. McKeever and K. C. Jackson, "Economic Importance of the Timber Processing Industdes," ia R. W. Haynes, coordinator. An. Analysis of the Timber Situation in the United States, 1989—2040, General Technical Report RM-199, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Porest Service, Rocky Mountaia Porest and Range Experiment Station, Port Collins, Colo., 1990, Chapt. 4, pp. 59—78.  [c.336]

Jackson, D. A., Symons, R. H., and Berg, P, 1972. Biochemical mediod for inserting new genetic information into DNA of simian virus 40 Circular SV40 DNA molecules containing lambda phage genes and die galactose operon of E. coli. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A. 69 2904-2909.  [c.423]

Calculate the change in concentration in AMP that would occur if 8% of the ATP in an erythrocyte (red blood cell) were suddenly hydrolyzed to ADP. In erythrocytes (Table 19.2), the concentration of ATP is typically 1850 p.M, the concentration of ADP is 145 p.M, and the concentration of AMP is 5 jjiM. The total adenine nucleotide concentration is 2000 p.M.  [c.618]

Para-cresol, which is also a constituent of coal-tar creasote, occurs in the es ential oils of jasmin and cassie flowers. It is a crystalline sub-  [c.250]

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