The remaining yohimb alkaloids are described below ten of them are isomerides of yohimbine, and for convenience of comparison are dealt with in the table on p. 502.  [c.503]

An alternative way to view the tradeoflEs shown in Fig. 8.6 is as a contour diagram. The contours in Fig. 8.7a show lines of constaint total cost. The objective of the optimization is to find the lowest point. The shape of the contours dictates the optimization strategy. A naive strategy would fix the first variable, then optimize the second variable, and then fix the second variable and optimize the first. This is shown in Fig. 8.76, where reactor conversion (X) is first fixed and inert concentration (yiNF.Rr) optimized. Inert concentration is then fixed and conversion optimized. In this case, after two searches the solution is close to the optimum. Whether or not this is adequate depends on how fiat the solution space is in the region of the optimum. Whether or not such a strategy will find the actual optimum depends on the shape of the solution space and the initialization for the optimization. In fact, such a strategy will only be sure to find the optimum if the contours are circular. In Fig. 8.7, the contours are not circular therefore, searching across each variable once will not be sure to identify the optimum. What would be required would be to repeat the strategy of fixing the first variable and optimizing the second and fixing the second and optimizing the first several times until the cost did not change significantly (see Fig. 8.7c). Much more efficient strategies for optimization based on the slope of the solution space can be developed.  [c.248]

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Other solutions, some based on cyanide, some on sulphate, fluoborate, etc. will be found in textbooks and handbooks of electroplating, and a comprehensive review of methods and of their relative advantages has been published by Such. Much work has been devoted to the development of cadmium plating processes which cause little or no hydrogen embrittlement to very strong steels references are given in Section 8.4 and in a paper by Yaniv and Shreir . However, hydrogen removal can be effected by baking the steel at 200°C after plating.  [c.485]

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