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AHowable external radiation doses are described in Reference 16. Depending on the quantities used and type of operation, the more energetic emissions of P (P-ray), (y- and x-rays), and Cr (y-ray) may require appropriate shielding to minimize personnel exposure. The P-rays of C, P, Ca, and are of low enough energy to require no shielding. AH isotopes, however, present toxicity problems if taken into the body. Both tritium and are particularly problematic because of their volatiHty as pH]-H20 and [ Y]-l2. However, personal safety precautions are related to the relative quantities of radioactive materials handled. Basic laboratory procedures to be foHowed protect the user from oral ingestion, skin contact, self-injection, and inhalation. The use of closed systems weH-ventilated work areas, ie, hoods and glove boxes disposable gloves disposable lab coats, etc and neat work habits provide a safe working environment (17). Personnel monitoring may include urine and exhaled breath (CO2) analysis, thyroid uptake ( I) radioassay, use of dosimeters for detecting radiation from P, and contamination surveys using appropriate instmments. The choice of test and frequency of testing vary with quantities and use (18).  [c.439]

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Silicon—Ca.rbon Thermoset. The Sycar resins of Hercules are sihcon—carbon thermosets cured through the hydrosilation of sihcon hydride and sihcon vinyl groups with a trace amount of platinum catalyst. The material is a fast-cure system (<15 min at 180°C) and shows low moisture absorption that outperforms conventional thermosets such as polyimides and epoxies. Furthermore, the Sycar material provides excellent mechanical and physical properties used in printed wiring board (PWB) laminates and encapsulants such as flow coatable or glob-top coating of chip-on-board type apphcations.  [c.189]

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