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A number of additives (many proprietary) have been developed for use with cement to improve the physical characteristics and to decrease the leaching losses from the solidified mass. Experimental work on the treatment of radioactive waste has shown that nuclear waste retention improvements can be achieved by cement-based stabilization processes with the addition of clay or vermiculite as absorbents. Soluble silicates have reportedly been used to bind contaminants in cement solidification processes, but this additive causes an increase in volume to occur during the setting of the cement-waste mixture. A recently proposed modification of this technique involves dissolving the metal-rich waste with fine-grained silica at low pH and then pwlymerizing the mixture by raising the pH to 7. The resulting contaminated gel is mixed with cement and hardens within 3 days. The equipment used for the cement-based px>zzolan process is similar to that used in a cement batching plant as illustrated in Figure 44.  [c.180]

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