Types of Hazards and Hazardous Events

Since dependency analysis is not needed, we can go on to the BUILD program. Go to FTAPSUIT and select 5 "Run Build." It asks you for the input file name including extender. Type "pv.pch," It asks you for name and extender of the input file for IMPORTANCE. Type, for examle, "pv.ii . It next asks for the input option. Type "5" for ba.sic event failure probabilities. This means that any failure rates must be multiplied by their mission times as shown in Table 7.4-1. (FTAPlus was written only for option 5 which uses probabilities and error factors. Other options will require hand editing of the pvn.ii file. The switch 1 is for failure rate and repair time, switch 2 is failure rate, 0 repair time, switch 3 is proportional hazard rate and 0 repair time, and switch 4 is mean time to failure and repair time.)  [c.306]

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