Ryzner index

Calcium—In general, calcium (as CaCOs) below 800 ppm should not result in calcium sulfate scale. In arid climates, however, the critical level may be much lower. For calcium carbonate scaling tendencies, calculate the Langelier Saturation Index or the Ryznar Stability Index.  [c.392]

The water chemistry relating to power plants operating at high temperatures and pressures is a complex issue. To determine if water is corrosive or scale forming, use is made of the Langelier or Ryznar index. For further information, refer to the VGB guidelines for plants operating at pressures above 68 bar (VGB-450L) and the Scandinavian recommendations (DENA).  [c.159]

Environment Internal Mill water, chlorinated (0.2 ppm residual), 120-160°F (49-71 °C), pH 7.1-7.3, conductivity 100 pmhos/ cm, Ryznar Stability Index 9.5-10.75 External Synthetic lubricating oil, 175°F (79°C)  [c.261]

Corrosion, Volume 2 (2000) -- [ c.12 , c.17 ]