Red lead is a useful ingredient of anti-rusting paints, in which it is mixed with linseed oil. If glycerol is added to this mixture, a cement suitable for luting (i.e. making airtight or watertight) joints in iron pipes or vessels is obtained.  [c.195]

Graphite is frequently, although incorrectly, analyzed by the proximate method used for coal in which the volatile material is deterrnined by strongly beating the sample in a covered or luted cmcible. Some oxidation of the graphite always occurs so that the value obtained for volatile matter is high and thus the "fixed carbon" is too low. The method lacks both accuracy and precision.  [c.574]

U.S. Pat. 3,192,044 (fune 29, 1965), H. G. Rogers andH. W. Lutes (to Polaroid Corp.).  [c.512]

U.S. Pat. 3,039,869 (fune 19, 1962), H. G. Rogers andH. W. Lutes (to Polaroid Corp.).  [c.512]

The use of hard-surfacing techniques by welding and by inserts has contributed greatly to better maintenance and lower downtime [Lutes and Reid, Chem. Eng., 63(6), 243 (1956)].  [c.1829]

Airlock A two- or three-door enclosure providing access to a clean room that reduces the air leakage of external pol luted air into the clean room.  [c.1412]

The correct way to light a furnace (hot or cold) that bums gas or burns light oil is to start with a positive isolation, such as a slip-plate, in the fuel line. Other positive isolations are disconnected hoses, lutes filled with water (if the fuel is gas at low pressure), and double block and bleed valves closed valves without a bleed are not sufficient. Then  [c.222]

C. D. Lutes, Nonlinear Modeling and Initial Condition Estimation for Identifying the Aerothermodynamic Environment of the Space Shuttle Orbiter, Masters thesis. Air Eorce Institute of Technology, WPAPB, Ohio, Jan. 1984.  [c.7]

W. A. Foster and K. R. Lutes,/ Amer. Mosq. Control Assoc. 1, 199 (1985).  [c.124]

Although used in relatively small quantities, dental cements are essential in a number of dental appHcations as temporary, intermediate and, in some cases, more permanent restoratives cavity liners and bases luting agents to bond preformed restorations and orthodontic devices pulp capping agents and endodontic sealers components in periodontal packs and impression pastes. Because this wide range of dental uses makes it virtually impossible for one type of cement to have all the necessary properties demanded, tailored dental cements exist to meet certain specific objectives. Generally, cements are sought that excel in strength, oral environmental resistance, durabiHty, adhesiveness, and biocompatibiHty.  [c.472]

H1C phosphate orthophosphoric acid (AP+ andZn"+) calcined 2inc oxide, calcined magnesium oxide oxides phosphate luting agent, base  [c.472]

Composite or Filled Resin Cements. Composite resin cements are similar to restorative composites. They are used to adhesively retain crowns, bridges, orthodontic appHances, and other intraoral prostheses to hard tooth stmcture. The resin cements are similar to the microfil classification of composites, generally with a slightly lower filler level, ie, approximately 50% by weight. The lower filler loading allows these materials to be used in thin films as cements and luting agents a resin cement has been introduced with a much higher filler content which purportedly retains cementlike rheology. Curing can be by light, chemical, or dual initiating systems. These cements are usually used in conjunction with a dentin and enamel adhesive, metal coupler, and/or porcelain or ceramic coupling agent to effectively laminate the prosthesis to the tooth stmcture.  [c.493]

These compounds showed a remarkable activity toward Gram-positive (e.g.. Bacillus cereus, Staphylococcus aureus, Sarcina luted) and Gram-negative bacteria (e.g.. Pseudomonas sp.) the activity was somewhat lower in the styryl derivatives (82MI2).  [c.195]

They remark that the yield might havu been much more, say J per cent, to I 2,5 per cent., had the distillation been carried oat with sbao-lutely fresh grass immediately niter it was cut, instead af with grass which must have lost some of ils rolatilc oil during transit Lo linmbay,  [c.84]

Abdichtung, /. making tight, calking, luting, sealing, packing.  [c.2]

Dichtungs-fett, n. joint grease, packing grease, -material, -mittel, n, -stoff, m, luting, calking or packing material, dick, a. thick dense big, bulky, fat, swollen. Dick-auszug, m. inspissated extract, -darm, m. large intestine colon.  [c.103]

Energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal power are often proposed as renewable and noii-pol-luting alternatives to fossil and nuclear fuels. But here, too, ethical challenges must be faced. Over the short term, alternative energy sources will likely be more expensive relative to fossil and nuclear fuels. Such price differentials mean that safer and cleaner energy sources will more likely be available to wealthy countries and individuals while the poor will continue relying on more dangerous and polluting energy sources. As a result, questions need to be raised con-ceriiiiig equality and fairness in the distribution of alternative energy sources. Further, development of  [c.486]

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