Babcock steam formula

Factor P For Babcock Steam Formula  [c.108]

Also use Babcock formula given in another paragraph for steam flow.  [c.102]

Example 2-9 Steam Flow Using Babcock Formula  [c.107]

Example 2-2 Laminar Flow Through Piping System, 86 Alternate Calculation Basis for Piping System Friction Head Loss Liquids, 86 Equivalent Feet Concept for Valves, Fittings, Etc., 86 Friction Pressure Drop for Non-Viscous Liquids, 89 Estimation of Pressure Loss Across Control Valves Liquids, Vapors, and Gases, 90 Example 2-3 Establishing Control Valve Estimated Pressure Drop Using Connell s Method, 92 Example 2-4 Using Figure 2-26, Determine Control Valve Pressure-Drop and System Start Pressure, 94 Friction Loss For Water Flow, 96 Example 2-5 Water Flow in Pipe System, 96 Water Hammer, 98 Example 2-7 Pipe Flow System With Liquid of Specific Gravity Other Than Water, 99 Friction Pressure Drop For Compressible Fluid Flow, 101 Darcy Rational Relation for Compressible Vapors and Gases, 103 Example 2-8 Pressure Drop for Vapor System, 104 Alternate Solution to Compress-i ole Flow Problems, 104 Friction Drop for Air, 107 Example 2-9 Steam Flow Using Babcock Formula, 107 Sonic Conditions Limiting Flow of Gases and Vapors, 108 Procedure, 118 Example 2-10 Gas Flow Through Sharp-edged Orifice, 119 Example 2-11 Sonic Velocity, 119 Friction Drop for Compressible Natural Gas in Long Pipe Lines, 120 Example 2-12  [c.641]

Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants, Volume 1 (1999) -- [ c.103 , c.107 , c.108 ]