Iron is converted into steel by the Bessemer, Siemens-Martin or electrical processes. Iron can be rendered passive by contact with con-  [c.222]

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Table 5.28 gives the modifications in physical/chemical characteristics resulting from deeper and deeper hydrotreatment (Martin et al., 1992). The sulfur contents could thus be reduced to first as low as a few hundred ppm, then to a few ppm. The level of aromatics in the selected example drops from 39% to 7% while the cetane number increases from 49 to 60. Note here that such a treatment, possible through experimental means, does not correspond to current industrial practice because of its high cost and its very high hydrogen consumption.  [c.265]

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In oriented systems (fibres or stretched films), the scattered image often appears as a two-bar or a four-point pattern with the scattering maximum at or near the meridian (fibre axis). The one-dimensional scattered intensity along the meridian must be calculated by the projection method using the following fonnalism  [c.1408]

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NVT, and in die course of the simulation the volume V of the simulation box is allowed to vary, according to the new equations of motion. A usefid variant allows the simulation box to change shape as well as size [89, 90], It is also possible to extend the Liouville operator-splitting approach to generate algoritlnns for MD in these ensembles examples of explicit, reversible, integrators are given by Martyna et al [91],  [c.2262]

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The negative sign of the stress level can be explained recalling some structural principles of shell elements. For the shell elements of the pressure vessels, the stress level and its sign depend on the ratio of the element inradius lying on the plane perpendicular to the meridian one crossing the principal section to the element inradius on the meridian plane.  [c.412]

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