MYRISTICIN In moderate amounts in dill, carrot, celery, fennel, mace and nutmeg (no more than 10% tops). Makes up about 40% of the oil of parsnip and can reach up to 50-60% of the oil of parsley leaves and seeds. Give nutmeg a rest folks It just don t have it when compared to parsley and parsnip.  [c.48]

The synthesis of MMDA in Pihkal is one of the longest and most tedious in the book. If one is going the route via myristicin, the Sisifos work of isolating the tiny amount of essential oil present in nutmeg, followed by fractional distillation to purify the myristicin fraction is also added to the labor of the poor chemist. Therefore I propose a new route to this "essential amphetamine".  [c.172]

Depressant symptoms, which include burning abdominal pain, decreased excitabiUty, convulsions, nausea, and coma, become the general syndrome for all oral alkaloid poisoning. Discorine [3329-91-7] (15), a y-unsaturated lactone found in yams, is an alkaloid having the empirical formula C23H22O2N it has been isolated from Nigerian yams, thus estabUshing the discorine-type alkaloids as representative of the Dioscorea genus of plants (56). Seeds of Senecio contain alkaloids belonging to the pyrrolizidine group and, in addition to producing characteristic signs of alkaloid toxicity, these are suspected of being hepatic carcinogens. Ergotism is the disease caused by intoxication by one of at least twelve alkaloid derivatives of lysergic acid produced by a parasitic fungus (ergot) on grains. Myristicin (7), found in both nutmeg and mace, is a psychoactive agent that may be fatal in infants who consume as Httle as two whole nutmegs. Its toxicity resembles alcohol intoxication.  [c.478]

Probabilistic methods have gained increased interest in engineering as judged from the growing community of reliability engineers and from the increasing number of conferences on the subject (Ditlevsen, 1997). Some practitioners in the UK, however, either seem to lose confidence with statistical and probabilistic methods or are just not aware of them. At present, only larger companies seem to be aware of their importance (Howell, 1999). Some advocates of a statistical approach to engineering design even claim that this is why large chunks of manufacturing have moved to countries like Japan who embrace the use of such techniques. A comment in 1995 by Margetson gives an indication of the situation related to the UK  [c.33]

Margetson, J. 1995 Discussion Meeting on Engineering, Statistics and Probability , 2 May, Inst. Mech. Engrs. HQ, London.  [c.389]

H. S. Lee, J. H. Kim, K. Kim and K. S. Do, Determination of myristicin in rat serum samples by using microbore liigh performance liquid cliromatography with columnswitching , Chromatogmphia 48 365-368 (1998).  [c.131]

Myristicin, CjjHjgOg, is 4-allyl-6-methoxy-l. 2-methylenedioxybenzene. It is found in oil of nutmeg and in parsley oil. It is a fragrant compound having the following characters —  [c.267]

Myristicin and isomyristicin are distinguished by their reactions with bromine. Myristicin, when treated with two atoms of bromine, yields an oily liquid, whilst isomyristicin yields a crystalline body melting at 109°. If the isomers are dissolved in acetic acid, and treated with bromine until no more is absorbed, the mixture being kept cold all the time, the following compounds are obtained —  [c.268]

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The chemistry of essential oils and artificial perfumes Volume 2 (1922) -- [ c.267 ]