TERPENOIDS] (Vol 23) trans-p-Menthane [1678-82-6]  [c.603]

TERPENOIDS] (Vol 23) trans-p-Menthane-3,8-diol [91739-72-9]  [c.603]

TERPENOIDS] (Vol 23) para-Menthane hydroperoxide [26762-92-5]  [c.603]

The OOH group may alternatively be at the positions marked by an asterisk. At 25°C for 54% j )-menthane inj )-menthane.  [c.103]

CitroneUal can also be converted to the ds- [92471-23-3] (88) and / 3 -/)-menthane-3,8-diol [91739-72-9] (89) by reaction with dilute acids (176,177). The glycol mixture can be readily purified by distillation and the two isomers easily separated. The glycols are usehil as insect repellents (qv) and are especially effective against mosquitos (178). Derivatives of the glycols have been prepared and are usehil as insecticides and plant growth regulators (179).  [c.426]

The initiator iagredients are designed to generate free radicals at a moderate rate at the temperature of the polymerisation. Sodium, potassium, or ammonium persulfate are commonly used for hot polymers. The initiator iagredients ia a cold recipe are more complex and a wide variety of materials can be used. The iron is usually added ia a chelated form so it is soluble, but aot as reactive as free ioas ia solutioa. A typical reduciag ageat is sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate andj -menthane hydroperoxide is often used to provide the necessary free-radical source. Usually, a high acrylonitrile recipe requires less initiator than a low acrylonitrile recipe. AH of these systems are sensitive to oxygen, so ia many cases a small amount of a material like sodium hydrosulfite is used in case purging of air before polymerization was incomplete.  [c.520]

The type substance upon which the nomenclature of the terpeues is based is hexahydro-jj-cymene, which is termed p-menthane, the carbou atoms beiug numbered as shown in the following formula —  [c.39]

The German ending -an should be translated -ane if it is the name of a hydrocarbon (or parent heterocyclic compound) which is fully saturated otherwise, -an. Examples methane, menthane, tolan, furan, pentosan.  [c.552]

Commercially, autoxidation is used in the production of a-cumyl hydroperoxide, tert-huty hydroperoxide, -diisopropylbenzene monohydroperoxide, -diisopropylbenzene dihydroperoxide, -menthane hydroperoxide, pinane hydroperoxide, and ethylbenzene hydroperoxide.  [c.105]

A mixture of they -menthadienes can be hydrogenated to produce a mixture of i7j -y-menthane [6069-98-3] and /ra/ j -p-menthane [1678-82-6]. Oxidation to a mixture ofy)-menthane hydroperoxides gives a usehil polymerization initiator used in the mbber industry.  [c.415]

Henderson and Sutherland have prepared a hydrocarbon synthetically which is possibly a modification of terpinene. They reduced thymo-hydroquinone, thus obtaining menthane-2-5-diol, which was heated for half an hour with twice its weight of sulphate of potash under a reflux condenser, and so yielded a terpene boiling at 179°, of specific gravity about 0 840 and refractive index 1-4779.  [c.73]

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