The United States Pharmacopeia XKU, (USP XXII—NFXTTI), The United States Pharmacopeia Convention, Inc., Rockville, Md., 1990.  [c.447]

Messenger RNA (mRNA) (Section 28 11) A polynucleotide of nbosethat reads the sequence of bases in DNA and inter acts with tRNAs in the nbosomes to promote protein biosynthesis  [c.1288]

The United States Pharmacopeia JhKU, (USP XXII-NFXTTI), The United States Phamiacopeial Convention, Inc., Rockville, Md., 1989.  [c.210]

Jonathan Rich Janies Celia Larry Lewis Judith Stein Navjot Singh  [c.69]

U.S. Pat. 2,307,157 (fan. 5, 1943), W. M. Quatdebaum, Jr., and C. A. Noffsiuget (to Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corp.).  [c.80]

Numerical solutions of the maximum mixedness and segregated flow equations for the Erlang model have been obtained by Novosad and Thyn (Coll Czech. Chem. Comm., 31,3,710-3,720 [1966]). A few comparisons are made in Fig. 23-14. In some ranges of the parameters n or fte ihe differences in conversion or reaclor sizes for the same conversions are substantial. On the basis of only an RTD for the flow pattern, perhaps only an average of the two calculated extreme performances is justifiable.  [c.2088]

As a general guide the NPSHa should be a minimum 10% above the NPSHt or 3 feet above the NPSHr, whichever is greater. Other books and experts indicate that the NPSHa should be 50% greater than the NPSHr, to avoid incipient cavitation. Again, be prepared for stricter definitions to NPSHr and higher safety margins on NPSHa.  [c.15]

When cavitation occurs in a pump, its efficiency is reduced. It ean akso cause sudden surges in flow and pressure at the discharge nozzle. The calculation of the NPSITr (the pump s minimum required energy) and the NPSITa (the system s available energy), is based on an understanding of the lic]uid s absolute vapor pressure.  [c.25]

Reductions by NaBKt are characterized by low enthalpies of activation (8-13kcal/mol) and large negative entropies of activation (—28 to —40eu). Aldehydes are substantially more reactive than ketones, as can be seen by comparison of the rate data for benzaldehyde and acetophenone. This relative reactivity is characteristic of nearly all carbonyl addition reactions. The reduced reactivity of ketones is attributed primarily to steric effects. Not only does the additional substituent increase the steric restrictions to approach of the nucleophile, but it also causes larger steric interaction in the tetrahedral product as the hybridization changes from trigonal to tetrahedral.  [c.471]

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