Pep pills

Fisher, F. A., Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. London (A), 222, 309 (1922).  [c.109]

Vector (length 210) of pole moment. Equation (A-11).  [c.304]

Catalytic gas-phase reactions play an important role in many bulk chemical processes, such as in the production of methanol, ammonia, sulfuric acid, and nitric acid. In most processes, the effective area of the catalyst is critically important. Since these reactions take place at surfaces through processes of adsorption and desorption, any alteration of surface area naturally causes a change in the rate of reaction. Industrial catalysts are usually supported on porous materials, since this results in a much larger active area per unit of reactor volume.  [c.47]

Polley, G. T., Heat Exchanger Design and Process Integration, Chem. Eng., 8 16, 1993.  [c.211]

If the pressure drop available for the stream is known, the expressions of Polley et al. can be used.  [c.219]

Pale yellow crystals, m.p. 179°C. A constituent of coal tar with strong carcinogenic properties.  [c.57]

Copper (/) salts are very similar to Ag(I) salts with an insoluble chloride and iodide, they are colourless or pale yellow. Complexes are formed with phosphines and CO.  [c.111]

Eu (f pale pink)- Eu - 2-41 volts in acid.  [c.170]

Pauli exclusion principle In any atom no two electrons can have all four quantum numbers the same. See exclusion principle.  [c.297]

Praseodymium(III) compounds are typical lanthanide compounds Pr (f pale  [c.326]


Polley, G. T., Panjeh Shahi, M. H., and Jegede, F. O., Pressure Drop Considerations in the Retrofit of Heat Exchanger Networks, Trans. IChemE, part A, 68 211, 1990.  [c.236]

CqHqIaNOi. Pale, straw-coloured needles, m.p. 198 C. Found in certain marihe organisms, such as corals and sponges, and in the thyroid gland.  [c.139]

Has the properties of progesterone and is given orally for treating functional uterine haemorrhage. Norethisterone, 19-norelhisterone, m.p. 20I-206°C is one of the progestational steroids used in the contraceptive pill.  [c.166]

Mercury [) iodide, HgiL- pale green, is precipitated from a solution of a Hg2 salt by I".  [c.254]

Dinitrogen trioxide, N2O3. Only stable in solid state (m.p. — 102 C). Pale blue solid giving deep blue liquid the gas contains some ONNO2 molecules. Prepared from NO and O2 or NO and N2O4 with freezing decomposes to NO and NO,.  [c.278]

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