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A rather unusual reaction forms the key step in the preparation of a benzomorphan bearing a fatty side chain, The scheme used to form the benzomorphan nucleus, which is patterned after the Grewe synthesis originally developed for  [c.114]

In the second general method, the amine (16), known as Grewe diamine, is the paradigm intermediate onto which the thia2o1ium ring is constmcted. Differences occur only in the raw materials and methods used for the manufacture of the diamine. The same end of the linear sequence is universally practiced by all large manufacturers.  [c.89]

In a much different approach based on cyanamide, acrylonitrile, and acetonitrile, cyanoacetamidine [56563-07-6] (32) is cyanoethylated and the condensation product [56563-10-1] (33) is dehydrogenated and hydrogenated direcdy to Grewe diamine in the presence of Raney cobalt and ammonia (56).  [c.90]

The Grewe synthesis of /V-methylmorphinan [3882-38-0] (40), which paved the way for the preparation of dextromethorphan and numerous analogues, follows standard reactions to 2-meth5l-l-benzyl-l,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-octahydroisoquinoline. Cyclization of this compound with phosphoric acid gave a mixture of isomers from which /V-methylmorphinan was separated.  [c.523]

The synthesis (60) and potent antitussive activity (61) of dimemorfan [36309-01-0] (41), D-3-methyl-/V-methylmorphinan, have been reported. This compound, prepared by a modification of the Grewe process, differs from dextromethorphan only by having a methyl group, rather than a methoxy group, in the 3 position.  [c.523]

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According to Grewe, colchicine on exposure to ultra-violet light changes to an isomeride, needles, m.p. 220°, which he has named lumieolehieine.  [c.651]

For the synthesis of phenanthrene derivatives whieh may be regarded as an approaeh to eolehieine as formulated by Windaus, see Windaus and Eiehel, Sharp, and Grewe.  [c.653]

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