Lutidines, metal catalysts, action

The action of redox metal promoters with MEKP appears to be highly specific. Cobalt salts appear to be a unique component of commercial redox systems, although vanadium appears to provide similar activity with MEKP. Cobalt activity can be supplemented by potassium and 2inc naphthenates in systems requiring low cured resin color lithium and lead naphthenates also act in a similar role. Quaternary ammonium salts (14) and tertiary amines accelerate the reaction rate of redox catalyst systems. The tertiary amines form beneficial complexes with the cobalt promoters, faciUtating the transition to the lower oxidation state. Copper naphthenate exerts a unique influence over cure rate in redox systems and is used widely to delay cure and reduce exotherm development during the cross-linking reaction.  [c.319]

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