Oxazine, dihydro-, 3, 1006-1008 reduction, 3, 1007 2-substituted  [c.725]

Oxazine, tetrahydro-, 3, 1008-1009 conformation, 3, 1008 oxidation, 3, 1009  [c.725]

Oxazine-2,4-diones polymers, 1, 299 reactions  [c.725]

Oxazine-2,6-diones synthesis, 3, 1030  [c.725]

Oxazines, 3, 1000-1009 mesomeric betaines, 3, 1004 reactions  [c.725]

Oxazine-2-thione, tetrahydro-synthesis, 3, 1030  [c.725]

H-1,3 -Oxazine-2-thione annelated  [c.725]

Oxazine-6-thione synthesis, 3, 1023  [c.725]

O pyrido[2,l-/ ][1,3]oxazine S pyrido[2,1-/ ][1,3]thiazine N pyrido[1,2-a] pyrimidine  [c.176]

III. Methods of Preparation of 1,3-Oxazine Derivatives.  [c.311]

The last decade has brought a considerable increase of the number of papers concerned with 1,3-oxazine derivatives. This is due partly to the fact that these compounds show interesting reactivity. Hence, it was suggested recently that 1,3-oxazine derivatives (including benz-l,3-oxazine derivatives) should be used as chemotherapeutic agents.  [c.311]

They can be further classified according to the degree of saturation and the position of double bonds. The fully saturated ring is tetrahy dro-1,3-oxazine  [c.312]

Fig, 1. Structures of dihydro-1,3-oxazines.  [c.313]

Oxazine derivatives with two double bonds can exist in three isomeric forms  [c.313]

III. Methods of Preparation of 1,3-Oxazine Derivatives  [c.313]

In general, the product of deprotonation of the 2-alkyl group in the above salts is an ylide (200) which can rearrange to give the ring-opened intermediate (201) or 2H-1,3-oxazine (202) (69CPB2201, 74CPB61, 62CJC882).  [c.51]

Synthesis, stereochemistry, and transformations of cyclopenta-, cyclohexa-, cyclohepta-, and cycloocta-annelated 1,3-oxazines 98AHC(69)349.  [c.265]

Karrer thought that the dihydro-1,3-oxazine skeleton can possibly be formed in proteins during their transformation to polypeptides. Fodor - and Fiescr explained the stereospecific migration of acyl groups from N to 0 and vice versa in tropine alkaloids by an intermediate formation of a 1,3-oxazine ring.  [c.312]

Oxazine, metoxazine (or mazoxin), consists of a ring of four carbon atoms, one oxygen, and one nitrogen atom the two hetero atoms are in the 1,3-positions or meta  [c.312]

The compounds with one double bond are dihydro-1,3-oxazines, and the structures shown in Fig. 1 are possible. The conformations of dihydro-1,3-oxazine rings arc based on analogy with cyclohexcne and also on the conformational analysis of several benzo-1,3-oxazine derivatives.  [c.312]

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