1 J-Azonine, properties

Figure 30-4 presents a more complete representation of plant-performance analysis. The information flow always faces barriers of personnel interactions. The operator must be convinced that the proposed changes and measurements will work using his/her language. The laboratory personnel must be convinced that the measurements are necessary, occasionally convinced that greater accuracy is required and that methods used are not giving results needed. Again, communication in their language must be effective. The software interaction is typically direct. However, the general nature of commercial simulators hmits their effectiveness in particiilar situations. Occasionally, modifications are required. The software engineer is not familiar with the process and lilcely cannot be made aware because of proprietaiy considerations. This impedes communication. Finally, control engineers have been successful in estabhshing a control scheme which for aU appearances works. Modifying the performance implies that they have not been as successful as appearances might indicate. While in aU of these situations, teamwork should override these personnel considerations, it often doesn t. Consequently, communication is the paramount skill for plant-performance analysts.  [c.2551]

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Advances in heterocyclic chemistry Vol.80 (2001) -- [ c.10 , c.77 ]