State averaged MCSCF

Pecans. Pecan is the most important horticultural crop native to North America (163). The United States is the only substantial producer of pecan, despite the fact that pecans have been introduced into AustraUa, Israel, South Africa, and Argentina. The principal producing states, from high to low, are Georgia, Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Alabama, Oklahoma, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Arkansas, and California. Domestic production of 135,597 t/yr in 1990—1991 was valued at 308,954,500 (153).  [c.281]

The type carrying sodium as a principal exchangeable cation is produced largely ia Wyoming. The calcium carrying type is produced ia Mississippi and ia many countries outside the United States, such as England, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the former USSR, South Africa, India, and Japan. Natural calcium montmorillonites are occasionally treated with various sodium compounds so that the properties are similar to the naturally occurring sodium bentonites of Wyoming.  [c.208]

Developed standai d validation procedure is demonstrated for validation of a spectrophotometric assay of ambroxol hydrochloride tablets. Without any considerable revisions, this approach may be applied to chromatographic methods. Recommendations for validation criteria were included in the State Phai macopoeia of Ukraine.  [c.340]

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