Tyrian puiple

This is only one of the contributions to the total volume rate of energy dissipation a second term which arises from explicit consideration of the individual spheres must also be taken into account. This second effect can be shown to equal 1.5 [c.588]

Later work with air and liqmds other than water led to modifications of the Sherwood correlation, first by Leva [Chem. Eng. Prog. Symp. Sen, 50(10), 51 (1954)] and later in a series of papers by Eckert. The generahzed flooding-pressure drop chart by Eckert [Chem. Eng. Progr, 66(3), 39 (1970)], included in the previous edition of this handbook, was modified and simplified by Strigle [Packed Tower Design and Applications, Gulf Publ. Co., Houston, 1994] as shown in Fig. 14-48. It includes pressure drop curves, as introduced by Leva [chem. Eng. Progr Symp. Set No. 10, 50, 51 (1954)], and is often called the generalized pressure drop correlation (GPDC). The ordinate scale term is a capacity parameter related to the Souders-Brown coefficient used for plate columns  [c.1387]

At a meeting of the American Physical Society in 1959, the Nobel prize-winning physicist, Richard Feynman, speculated in public about the likely effects of manipulating tiny pieces of condensed matter I can hardly doubt that when we have some control of the arrangements of things on a small scale, we will get an enormously greater range of possible properties that substances can have . A few years previously, in 1953, as we saw in Section, Lifshitz and Kosevich in Russia predicted quantum size effects in what have since come to be known as quantum wells and quantum dots, leading on to Esaki and Tsu s discovery of semiconducting superlattices in 1970-1973. A little later, the pursuit of atomic clusters, predominantly of metals or semiconductors, took wing, because of an interest in the way properties, such as melting behavior, varies with cluster size for minute clusters. In 1988, a lengthy survey was publi.shed (Brus, Siegel et al. 1988) of both clusters and cluster-assembled materials . The term in quotes was one of many synonyms in use at that time for polycrystalline solids made up of extremely small grains recently, the international community interested in such materials has settled on nanostructured materials as the preferred term, with nanophase materials and nanocrystalline materials as backups. ( Nanostructures is also sometimes used, but risks confusion with another burgeoning field, the production of minute mechanisms such as nano-electric motors, often from silicon monocrystals, which I do not discuss here the term micromechanoelectrical devices, or MEMs, is now often used for these. In 1959 Feynman offered a cash prize for the first electric motor less than 1/64 inch across, and it was not very long before he was called upon to make good his promise.)  [c.398]

The next milestone was the 1973 monograph on graphical enumeration by Harary and Palmer [HarF73] which covered in great detail those combinatorial techniques, including the use of Pblya s Theorem and its generalizations, appropriate to the enumeration of many kinds of graphs and graph-like objects. Among much else, the authors gave an authoritative account of their power group enumeration theorem and its derivation from Polya s Theorem via the power group of two groups, together with a wealth of illustrative examples. Graphical enumeration in general, and this book in particular, are discussed elsewhere in this article.  [c.103]

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