Hyponitric acid

Hydrazine azide Hydrazine chlorate Hydrazine dicarbonic acid diazide Hydrazine perchlorate Hydrazine selenate Hydrogen cyanide, unstabilized Hydroxyl amine iodide Hyponitrous acid  [c.474]

Carbon monoxide Hyponitrous acid Thiophosgene  [c.1026]

Hyponitrous acid and hyponitrites  [c.459]

Hyponitrous acid crystallizes from ether solutions as colourless crystals which readily decompose  [c.459]

Thermal decomposition of nitramide, H2NNO2, or hyponitrous acid H2N2O2 (both of which have the empirical formula N2O.H2O) have also been used. The mechanisms of these and other reactions involving simple inorganic compounds of N have been reviewed.  [c.444]

However, though N2O can be made in this way it is not to be regarded as the anhydride of hyponitrous acid since H2N2O2 is not formed when N2O is dissolved in H2O (a similar relation exists between CO and formic acid).  [c.444]

H2N2O2 Hyponitrous acid Weak acid HON=NOH, isomeric with nitramide, H2N-N02 salts are known (p. 460)  [c.459]

There is also considerable current environmental interest in hyponitrite oxidation because it is implicated in the oxidation of ammonia to nitrite, an important step in the nitrogen cycle (p. 410). Specifically, it seems likely that the oxidation proceeds from ammonia through hydroxylamine and hyponitrous acid to nitrite (or N2O).  [c.460]

Nitrosyl-saure, /. nitrosylic acid (hyponitrous acid). -schwefelskure, /. nitrosylsulfuric acid.  [c.320]

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