IUPAC cis and traits

Standards for dmg chemicals are pubUshed ia USP—NE. Dmg substances are chemicals that have therapeutic or diagnostic uses, whereas pharmaceutical iagredients provide preservative action, fiavoiing, or hilfillment of a function ia the formulation of dosage-form dmgs. Examples of dmg substances are acetaminophen [103-90-2] ampicillin [69-53-4] aspirin [50-78-2] powdered ipecac, riboflavin [83-88-5] staimous fluoride [7783-47-3] and thyroid. Examples of pharmaceutical iagredients are ethylparaben [120-47-8] lactose [63-42-3] magnesium stearate [557-04-0] sodium hydroxide [1310-73-2] starch [9005-25-8] and vanillin [121-33-5],  [c.445]

Dosage forms iuclude acetaminophen tablets (see Analgesics, antipyretics, and antiinflammatory agents), ampicillin capsules (see Antibiotics), aspirin tablets (see SALICYLIC ACID AND RELATED COMPOUNDS), ipecac symp, riboflavin iajection (see Vitamins), and thyroid tablets (see Hormones). Staimous fluoride (see Tin compounds) is used ia fluonde-containiag toothpastes (see Dentifrices). Ethylparaben (see Salicylic acid and related compounds) is a preservative, lactose (see Sugar) is a tablet filler, magnesium stearate (see Carboxylic acids) is a tablet lubricant, sodium hydroxide (see Alkali and chlorine products) is a neutralizing agent, starch (qv) is a tablet biuder, and vanillin (qv) is a flavor (see also Elavors AND SPiCEs).  [c.445]

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