18F-labeled compounds preparation

Another typical customer question is "why did product X do Y in my process " This is the troubleshooting, consultative part of the technical service function. The range of effort required to answer this question is as broad as for the first example. Consider the case of a converter firm that produces acrylonitrile—butadiene—styrene (ABS) compounds containing carbon black for use in the downstream manufacture of telephone housings. The customer reports that the L, ie, a color measurement parameter, of a large batch of compound was too high for sale. Upon visiting the customer, the technical service person investigates the situation and finds that the mixers used to prepare the compound were not being operated in a manner to ensure a proper level of shear during mixing. As such, the level of dispersion of the carbon black in the ABS was not sufficient, leading to the drop in color as deterrnined by a measurement of L.  [c.378]

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Chemistry of Organic Fluorine compounds II (1995) -- [ c.148 ]